Box Guitars

Box Guitars

Cigar Box Guitars are traditionally made from (ahem) Cigar boxes.

I have decided to make my own boxes using recycled timber.

The principles remain the same as cigar box guitars of course. I make mine 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 strings.

The soundboards are usually plywood, with a variety of sound hole sizes and positions. In all my experimentations I have found little difference in using plywood over solid timber, nor in the size of the sound holes. These instruments are made to be played and enjoyed. They produce a great sound along with sturdy construction.

The box guitars are each finished in a unique way, so that we can honestly say that each instrument is a one of a kind, never to be duplicated instrument.

SS Bukey Box Guitars can be custom made to your size and scale specifications. They can then be finished in a clear or stained finish ready for playing. The other option is to order a “raw” Box Guitar and decorate and finish it yourself.

Contact Us to talk about what sort of instrument you would like and we can give you a quote.

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